Friday, March 27, 2009

Love This Look- LC

LC always looks super cute but I her recent outfit is one I adore! I would have enjoyed a more vibrant color against her bronzed skin, but that's just me. The shoes are to die for and the clutch is adorable!
Her trademark braids and loose waves add a personal touch to the more polished California Girl vibe she recently sported.

The winged liner is so flirty and it is perfectly paired with a neutral tone pink lip. I think she also pulls off the liner being halfway across her lower lashes. The trick to her liner is to make it slighty thicker at the ends to give a cat-like effect. A little extra mascara on the tips of the outer corner lashes helps lift the lashes up a bit as well.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gossip Girl- Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf)

Love this dress!! The layers of casual lace is super chic! Of course, the cute headband is always a staple on this show. I also love the white suit behind her. I think it's very classy and unexpected.

One of my favorite looks. This dress looks really comfortable and can easily be worn in the spring without the turtleneck underneath. The coat, however, is the absolute best part of this entire outfit. You can wear it with so many different colors and it adds some depth to any monotone colors worn underneath.

I'm not too crazy about the sweater with this dress but I like them separately. The lip color is fabulous though!

Blair's uniform is a great example of something you can wear to work that you probably already have the pieces to: pencil skirt, low pointy heels, button down blouse, and light cardigan with minimal accessories.

Blair confidently shows how a bright jacket and bright tights can work together. They key to getting this trend right on target is to keep the rest of the colors a neutral shade, such as the blue dress, brown belt, brown purse, and white blouse.

A pencil skirt and a ruffled blouse are a woman's staples! Blair punches up her outfit with cute shoes, a bold colored purse, and a scraf and headband in coordinating colors. (Notice how a few accessories can update an outfit for every season.)

This is such a cute outfit! The bright green bag compliments the cool blue tones of her shirt without being overpowering. The patent shoes add a little sophistication to her night out look and of course, every Gossip Girl outfit is topped with the perfect matching headband!

Props to Blair for stepping out of the box with this flowered spring dress. The colors look fabulous with her skintone and the lipstick is a perfect shade for her. And let's not forget the headband- what a great idea! I normally would have thought a flowered dress with a flowered headband would be overkill but I totally changed my mind! As long as it is in the same color family as the dress, it could definetly work.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

J.Lo's Look- Hold It, Don't Drop It

I love Jennifer Lopez's looks in her music videos. She always has something super glam but totally still her style! The heavy liner softend with the sliver and white shadow is beautiful. Matching your jewelry to your makeup- what a great idea! I am going to try that one! The white under her eyes before the black liner is a great trick to making her eyes look bigger as well. The nude lips (above) really complement the eyes and make them just pop! The silver lips (below), however, should never been seen anywhere in the real world. To tone down her silver look, draw a much thinner line and gently flick it out at the ends. There is white shadow around her eyes to make the black look more intense, but this step should be skipped if you want a lighter version of her eye makeup. Load up on the mascara and top it all off with a nice bronzer and a light lip.

Onto the nails, I'm not sure I would ever wear this metallic color. They look great on her, but c'mon, she's J.Lo! :) As for her jewelry, I am in love with her cross ring (top). It is simple and classy but unexpected. I am always a fan of big silver hoops and Jen puts her own twist on them by playing with texture and size.