Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gucci Collection One

This dress is so cute. It's fun and flirty without being revealing. I especially love the pockets!
I love the print on the first dress because it is simple yet very sophisticated. My favorite dress is definetly the last dress because I love how the print starts from the bottom and then goes up to the sleeves.

The print on this dress is bold enough so you don't have to worry about jewelry.

This dress looks summery on the model and with tights it can worn year-round.

I love how simple this dress is yet is it still original.
Up next: Gucci Collection Two

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Color Trend

A new upcoming trend is the colors maroon, deep rasberry, plum, and dark magentas. It's a great way to add some color to winter grays and autumn browns without being too bold. It was even seen on model's lids backstage at Nicole Miller's show. So get creative! The rasberry dress too pink for you? Try it toned down in a shoe. This trend is a great way to wear a girly color without looking too cutesy. I especially love Gisele's scarf because it is so casual yet put together at the same time. If you are brave, try a rich magenta bag or a bright magenta dress for a big night out like Miss Garner fabulously pulled off. A great medium between the deep plums and the hot magenta is a nice strawberry colored dress as shown here.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Do You Rock the Socks?

I recently bought a pair of argyle knee high socks and I thought it might be cool to get some inspiration. I love how Blair pairs her socks with a matching skirt and cute pumps on Gossip Girl, but my favorite look is definitely from SJP in the Sex in the City movie. I think her sweater with her printed dress is so cute and instead of traditional stockings, knee highs are a great alternative. They are super comfy and allow you to show off your legs while still keeping toasty. Try matching them to your skirt like Blair does or use a dark neutral color to contrast against a bright dress or coat like SJP does. The same color shirt and socks or the same color skirt and socks allows you to add a bright color contrast to make your outfit unique. I also love how SJP uses a long t-shirt with her socks to add comfort, fashion, and lots of bold color to her rockin' wordrobe.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hot New Trend!!

My new favorite trend is feathers! I like the small details, such as on a necklace or clutch. It adds a pop of color to your outfit and is a unique accessory. If you are wearing something with a peacock feather or another feather that has multiple colors, I think it looks great when you incorperate one of the colors in the feather to something else you are wearing. It sort of pulls the whole look together. If you are more daring, try paring a feather necklace with a printed t-shirt. The look is relaxed but definitely shows you are bold enough to mix prints and styles. And the feathered clutch? A great way to update a simple dress. Below is a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex in the City moive. As you can see, a great feathered clutch adds instant glam to a cute dress. Not quite reading to take on the feathered clutch? Try a feathered headband or bangle, like Mary-Kate does. Another celebrity who put this trend on the scene? Rachel Bilson with her adorable clutch that matches oh-so-perfectly. I also like pieces that have to do with nature (anything with leaves, feathers, animal prints, etc.) because it shows that you are trendy yet have a totally laidback attitude about it. And doesn't everyone want to look trendy without trying too hard? :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Statement Necklaces

A hot trend for this fall, seen on both celebrities and runways, is statement necklaces. The bigger the better! Wondering how to pull off these loud pieces in the real world? Try paring them with a simple dress or sweater. The key to making this look work is letting the necklace be the focal point of the outfit. (And for the gold chains below, try just two or three at a time.)

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Thanks for checking in!!

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