Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Super Stylish Sisters

My favorite dress is Khole's (on the far left). Her hair is so perfectly in place and her shoes are an excellent compliment to her outfit. I don't really like the pattern on Kim's that much but the style of the dress is beautiful. I love how Kourtney matches her hair and her shoes but the dress is quite short.

Again I feel like Kim's dress has too much going on but her hair is gorgeous! Khloe's sequins are stunning on her but I love the bias cut of Kourtney's dress. Her hair is super cute and her earring are amazing!

I can not say how much I love Kourtney's look! I don't mean to play favorites, but her laid-back casual look with glamourous sunglasses is perfection! Plus the Balenciaga bag is beautiful! However, I do like Kim's bag more. The luxury of the bag with the silliness of the scrawled words is a Louis Vuitton masterpiece! (And I am always a fan of Kim's big sunglasses.)

Once again, Kourtney wins my vote. Her dress is so stylish and cute but it has intersting cut and movement that sets it apart from most little white dresses. Kim, as always, has fabulous hair. This dress is perfect on her- I love the simple amount of sequins and shimmer. Khloe's dress is lovely and I want her shoes! Unfortunately, her hair is somewhat off.

Kim's dress is banging! She looks fantastic and knows how to work her curves! I always love when shoes match the bags because it really pulls the whole look together. The blue looks great with her skin tone as well. Kourtney's outfit looks classy and fashionable while still being comfortable. It's great for work and then out for a dinner date because it is a casual yet put-together look.

Kim looks amazing! Her hair and makeup are beautiful with that gorgeous red dress. The color looks so good on her! I like how Khloe put the black shirt with the white skirt together. Kourtney's dress is so cute! I would wear that in a heartbeat!

This is my favorite dress of Khloe's! It is so perfect for her and it is such a great spin on the typical lbd. Kim's dress is beautiful but the necklace and her hair are kinda distracting because they seem out of place. Kourtney once again looks great and I would love to have her earrings!

I am in love with Kim's leather bomber and matching clutch! Her mom has a fantastic little dress on and Kourtney's silver shimmer is so chic. I believe Khloe's Dolce and Gabbana dress takes the cake. The design is simple yet innovative and the cut is very creative.

Sitting front row during Fashion Week, Kim and Khole look very elegant. The bias cut on both their dress is flattering on pretty much everyone and the special touches make each outfit unique. The earring on Khole are fabulous and the small detail on Kim's shoulder is well placed.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Would You Wear This?

A huge trend over the past year has been the low headband. Would you wear this? In Mischa's case, I would not. (However, I do love her smokey eye! lol) For Nicole, I think her look is much more wearable. Plus, it looks great with her whole hippie-thing going on.

Rachel's look is more risky than the others, but I really like it. It's casual with the t-shirt but it's glamourous with the sunglasses. Unfortunately, this isn't very wearable but it looks great on her! (I think she was going to a costume party because she had written PEACE on her arm as well.)

I don't know where this would be appropriate to wear. I loove the tousled waves but I'm not sure this can look flattering on many people besides the model.

I think this is super cute! She looks like such a cool mom!

I don't get this at all. It's the size of her head and it looks like all that tulle was crumpled up. I just don't see the image she's going for.

Looove this! I love the headband, the makeup, and the waves. The key to making this look work is keeping with the hippie-vibe without going all out.

What on Earth? I love MK's style, but this is out there. Not only is the headband way to big for her small frame, it has nothing to do with her printed vintage dress. '70s headband and vintage dress might be taking the look a bit too far...

I haven't really made up my mind on this look. It looks good on her but again not really wearable for most people.

I don't like either of these looks. I don't understand how thick cloths tied over your forehead is that stylish. The key to making this look work is thin and simple with a slight hippie-vibe without going too vintage. Pretty tricky but worth the effort if you get it right!

Best Dressed Kid- Third Place

So Zahara won second place but Suri took the crown. Third place winner is... Kingston! Love his baptism suit the most!