Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love Her...Hogan Tote!

I am obsessed with bags. Totes, purses, clutches, I love them all! My favorite bags however are big and roomy. The bigger the better! If you are someone like me, your purse is filled with half of your life. I carry everything and anything in my bag. This Hogan tote is big enough for all the necessities, and then some! I love the vibrant purple and the smaller compartments on the front. Totes like these are perfect for shopping because they are hands free, easily thrown over your shoulder. I have a large tote that I bring when I am staying overnight at someone's house because it is large enough for my toiletries without the big bulkiness of a suitcase.

Love Her...Balenciage Bag!

Label Lust: Coach Rainboots

I saw these at the mall one time and I instantly fell in love! Rainboots like these are too cute to pass up. My favorite pair is pink (obviously lol) because it's not the traditional Coach pattern, yet it is no doubt a Coach boot. The different colors on these boots are a fun way to pump up a boring outfit. I personally have a pair of rainboots that I wear tucked into jeans but they could work with a sundress too. These are not only cute but a must-have for any fashionista. I wear my rainboots on the way to the bus stop so I don't have to wear wet shoes all day at school. (Of course if my boots match I wear them all day too!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Right from the Runway: Round 2

One of my favorite things to do when watching a runway show is to imagine the person that would wear it. When I see crazy, flamboyant gowns center stage, I try to imagine how someone would wear that and add a touch of their personality to it. Enjoy Round 2!
Beyonce is not only the queen of glitz and glam, she can wear it too. This Balmain dress is a sure show stopper, but should we expect anything less from her? This diva wows the crowd once again with lots of sparkles and shine! I personally am not a big fan of those earrings but the plum T-strap heels look so much better with the dress than the black and silver ones.
I love wearing a dress all year round. Lucy Lui's version is a summer essential; just add a belt and strappy sandals to the crisp white dress. The runway version looks amazing in the winter with dark sheer tights and black heels. By adding the tights to keep you warm, this dress is a staple to any girl's glamourous wardrobe.
This actual dress I don't like very much, however I like the ideas that both the model and Rihanna have given me. The Zac Posen dress on the runway has insane jewelry so the other accessories (i.e. shoes) are cute and simple. Rihanna chose bold gloves and shoes for her dress so the other accessories (i.e. jewelery, clutch) are understated as to not take away from the key proponents of her outfit.
This is one of my favorite gowns of that season. January Jones (isn't that a pretty name?) was a Greek goddess in her flowing gown with shimmery gold details. The runway dress is a little bit shorter and I think I like that better because I like her shoes so much! Lol The gold cuffs are magnificent! I am going to have to try wearing a bold bracelet on each wrist because I love this so much!

The first time I saw this dress I thought it was a little boring. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the details were incredible! The fine beading is super pretty and suites the traditional lbd well. I have been completely obsessed with Balmain's shoes ever since the first day I saw them, so the runway dress scores more points with me. However, Anne has a diamond bracelet so of course I like that too! :)

Celeb Signature: Scarlett's Scarlet Lips

Besides marrying the fabulous Ryan Renolds, Scarlett has me jealous for other reasons. This girl can pull off red lips like no other. I have not jumped on the lipstick bandwagon yet, but when I do, I'm bring everyone of these pictures to the store with me!
By far one of her most stunning makeup looks, Scarlett pairs her shimmery red lips with equally gorgeous gold shadow. To offset the sparkles, the rest of her face is very matte with a dusting of pink blush. Perfection!
This next color is more of an orangey-red hue. It stands out against a natural brown eye and shiny chestnut curls.
Scarlett's eye makeup is absolutely amazing, but that will be another post later. Her red lips here are once again worn with a light blush and it looks so pretty! It seems like she has a tiny bit of clear gloss on the center of her bottom lip and this is an excellent trick for making your lips seem fuller. (Not that she needs it!)
The last red lip of Scarlett's is her most classic one. Long lashes, pearl white shimmer shadow, and creamy apricot blush are beautiful additions to her glamourous Old Hollywood siren lips.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Designer Files- Armani

Armani always makes beautiful gowns, like the one seen here on Camilla Belle. I love the oragami folds on her shoulder the best! The drapings and layers perfectly fall around her, but there's not so much detail that it distracts from her beauty. Her hairstyle is a little bland for me, however her neutral makeup shades were a good choice.

Would You Dare to Wear Drew's Volume?

The first time I saw these pictures, I thought her hair was awful. It was way over the top with tons of layers. Then I looked at it from another angle and it's such a modern twist on the big hair of the '70s!

Curling the ends of her hair draws the focus to her layers and the light blonde highlights adds depth to her bangs.

The best way to get volume is to get a haircut with lots of layers.

After you wash your hair, rub mousse in your hands and work it through your roots. Tease the crown of your hair by backcombing with a fine tooth comb. Blow dry your hair using a large round brush. (The larger the brush, the bigger the curls.) Wrap your hair lightly around a curling iron for more defined curls. Spritz the curls with a texture spray and lightly scrunch them.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love this Look: White Button Down with Dark Bottoms

Love This Look- Cowboy Boots with a Dress

I used to borrow my sister's cowboy boots because I thought they were so trendy yet unique at the same time. I always wore them with tucked in jeans to show them off, but I never tried wearing them with a dress before. This year, I plan on stealing those boots again, but this time I'll wear them with a little more originality. :)
Taylor Swift's dress is just a simple lbd that every girl has in her closet. By wearing cowboy boots instead of heels, Taylor adds a touch of country to her city girl look.

Sienna Miller has the sort of style where you either love or hate what she's wearing. This I love! She pairs a cool cotton lace dress with scuffed boots. They are much more comfortable than heels and give her a tough-yet-chic vibe.

Taylor was spotted at the airport wearing a beautiful sundress in a bright pinkish color. Keeping things simple, she matched her shoes to her bag to pull it all together. Because the boots are a neutral brown shade, she can wear them with any color dress (or jeans!).
Miley Cyrus wears her purple summer dress with detailed boots. The ruffles on the dress and the pattern on the boots are a very girly way to wear your boots.

Jessica Simpson has the best cowboy boots! They are a rich chestnut shade with cute details swirled around them. The distressed leather with the lace dress is a genius idea! I love the look of a delicate fabric with a tough leather. The sweater she's wearing can bring this look from spring and summer into fall.

Right from the Runway

I love when celebs put their own twist on a runway piece. I always find it fascinating how the same dress can look totally differently depending on the accessories. And the competitors are...
Natalie Portman
I didn't really like this dress so much when I saw it on Natalie because I felt like the ruffles were falling flat and the dark purse stuck out too much against the bold red. The dress seems much more full and voluminous on the model. Plus, her deep chocolate skintone is absolute perfection for this ruby shade.

Jennifer Lopez
I love this dress so much! The one shoulder trend works on everyone. My favorite part of the dress is definitely the thick beaded neckline. So simple yet bold! I've got to say, I believe that J.Lo takes the cake for this one because of the stunning chunky necklace she chose. I am a sucker for costume jewelry! :)

Katie Holmes
This one was a tough call. I prefer Katie's color shoes over the model's but I am in love with the model's deep cranberry lip. I'm not sure if it is the lighting but the model's dress seems more gold than Katie's.

Nicole Richie

This dress is one of my favorite maxi dresses that Nicole has worn. I think Nicole's loose waves are much cuter than the tight bun. Being the accessory fanatic that I am, Nicole is the winner for me because of her matching gold bangles and sweet clutch.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This Balmain number didn't hit a high note with the press. I, however, think it is amazing! I'm not sure if the tights would be my choice, I think the model looks more chic. I don't like SJP's pointed silver heels because I think they are too shiny and compete with the dress. I love the chunky heels of the model because they contrast the delicate beading.

Runway Report: Badgley Mischka Gowns

I fell in love with Badgley Mischka when I was a little girl. I saw a dress they designed for Barbie and instantly decided they were my favorite designers. They are always pushing the envelope by playing with different textures and fabrics. A few of my favorites in black and white...
The fullness of this skirt is beautifully paired with a simple white tee. Perfection!

I love this dress but I would wear it with much more jewelry!

I love that this dress has a mix of shine and sparkle.

My favorite dress here! I am obsessed with feathers but they can be very difficult to wear without looking too much like a costume. The formfitting bodice with a tapered flowing trail is so glamorous.

Sweetheart necklines are flattering for everyone. The shorter length of this dress is more appropriate for day time affairs.

Celeb Signature: Victoria's Hermes Bags

Victoria Beckham is know for enormous collection of enviable Hermes bags. Which would you choose?
Brown: a basic neutral and forever stylish

Pink: very girly and high fashion Blue: a gorgeous color to make an outfit complete
Orange: looks great with dark blues and navys

Red: a bold statement in a rich hue, perfect with any shift dress
Black: the most versatile and classic choices

Purple: very trendy but subtle

White: super luxurious but the hardest to maintain