Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Label Lust: Tory Burch Flats

Many stars have stepped out in a well-known pair of Tory Burch flats. They are the quintessential ballet flats because they offer comfort and style with fun colors and designs. If you haven't noticed yet, I love colorful fashion! For those of you who fear bold colors or are not sure how to pull it off, start with a simple ballet flat that you can wear with virtually anything. If you are looking for a flat you can wear to the office or with most of your clothing, try a black, brown, or gray shade as seen in the last row of shoes below. If you want to punch up you clothes, wear one of the tropical colors seen in the top row. My favorite ones however are in the middle row. Animal print shoes will forever have a place in my closet because they will never go out of style. They are truly a worthy investment because they are stylish and will continue to be for years to come.

If you are new to wearing ballet flats, try the beautiful creamy black leather flat. They can easily be worn with your favorite jeans but the gold detail is perfect with a dressy skirt as well.
I always struggle with finding shoes to go with my khaki pants and you wouldn't think of wearing a brown with another shade of brown but it really does look great with khakis. I like to wear a bright colored sweater on top to balance the brown on the bottom.
This quilting reminds me of the famous Chanel purses. I never would have thought that a quilted shoe could look anywhere near stylish, but Tory is an expert and blending the classic with the trends.
My favorite Tory flats that I have ever seen are right here. Pink is my favorite color and shoes are one of my favorite things to wear, so these pink flats are screaming my name. The raspberry color pops against dark jeans and the patent sheen can be seen from a mile away.

I had to add a printed flat because, as I mentioned before, they are eternally timeless. Plus these allow you to show off a pretty pedi. :)

Who Wore it Best? (Fedoras)

My friend can rock a fedora like no one I know. How do you think these celebs did?
Sienna Miller is one of my fashion idols when it comes to accessorizing; she never weras too much yet still has enough to be unique. I normally would shy away from skulls, but these guys give this menswear hat a new tough edge.
Jessica Alba is fresh in her cream fedora. Perfect for strolling around in a summery dress.

Nicole can do no wrong when accessorizing. What better way to wear a chic hat than with big bold sunglasses and a leather biker bag!

Eva glams up her fedora with a silk top and nude heels.
Ashlee keeps menswear girly with carefree waves.
Reese is the queen of chic casual wear! I love the pattern of this dress and the patent leather of her flats.

Celeb Signature: Jessica's Scarves

One accessory I can never get enough of is a scarf. They can be tied many different ways so they never get boring. Plus, they add a pop of color to an ordinary outfit. I love Jessica Alba's collection of scarves because she wears them so effortlessly.
In this first picture, Jessica wear a simple t-shirt with a thick scarf. This looks cute in the summer time with a tank top but can easily be worn in the winter with a toasty coat.

This Tolani scarf is seen tied three different ways with three different outfits. My favorite way to wear a scarf is with a t-shirt and jeans like her first outfit. A trendy way to wear your cotton summer is to twist a light scarf around your neck to add some punch to your dress. The scarf also works well in colder temperatures because you can just toss it over a long sleeved shirt.
A cozy scarf is perfect for looking pulled together at the airport without sacrificing your comfort. I like wearing scarves on a plane ride because they cut the air conditioning chill but still look super fab as you walk off the plane. (And a gorgeous leather bomber doesn't hurt either.)
I usually don't wear my scarves with a printed t-shirt because I don't want to take away the print by adding a scarf on top, but Jessica solves this dilemma by keep her shirt long and her scarf short.

Pressed for time? Stick to your classic t-shirt and jeans and throw on a loose sweater as you walk out the door. Loop a bright colored scarf around your neck and you're good to go!
The design on Jessica's scrf here is absolutely beautiful! I love the rich colors and intricate floral details. The stripes on the end are a funky way to keep this scarf from looking too stuffy. She expertly layers her scarf over a plain shirt so it does not distract the eye from the scarf. (How cute is her daughter in her teeny scarf?)
One of my favorite color combos is blue and brown. Here Jessica shows how a neutral color can be an excellent base for bold blue. This scarf is much thicker so I would only wear this one in the winter. You can wrap it over your coat for some added style and then wear it with your sweater underneath as well.
Pink scarves are my fortay! I wear them with every color and continually buy them in every shade. Jessica wears hers with a neutral gray and white ensemble to keep the scarf the focal point.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Runway Makup: Gucci Spring 2009

The makeup from Gucci's Spring 2009 collection is beyond fabulous! The colors remind me of a mermaid, and who doesn't want to be a mermaid? :) As you can see, the colors work for every skintone and hair color. This would be a perfect look with a summery dress and super cute wedges. For a more formal look, the models have worn voluminous hair with curled ends. However, I would love to wear these colors with braids to play off of the mermaid theme.
On this model here, the black eyeliner is smudged into a tiny bit of gray shadow in the corner to give the colors more depth. She also wears more of the light frosty green shade as a highlight under her brown bone than the other models do, but I think I like it the best!
The liner on this model is very thick but it doesn't look smudged as much. I think it looka awesome but don't wear the bright shadow, thick liner, and crazy lashes all at the same time if you aren't on the runway.
I am in love with her creamy eyeliner! It's so dark and rich I would wear it everyday! Compared to the first picture, this model has the teal shade extending farther beyond her outer corner and I really like it dramatic flair it adds.

The model below on the left has the best smudged liner out of all of these girls. It gets lighter and lighter until it hits the corner of her eye, where there seems to be some subtle light blue to make her eyes look brighter. The model on the right has bluer shades than the other girls but it looks like there is a metallic sheen to it. I would assume that there is a silvery color used as a base for the blues to go on top of.
This Gucci makeup is unlike so many other bold eyeshadows seen on the runway because it incorporates both blues and greens and melds them together to make a pretty sheen of aqua colors. The liner is not only smudged but also winged out a bit too. And instead of the typical nude lips and bronzed face, these models embrace peachy nude lips and very natural blush.
Even though this turquoise color is extremely vibrant, the gray shadows underneath and layers of mascara put a classic twist on old favorites.

Top Five Megan Fox Lip Colors

Once I find a color that works for me, I tend to keep falling back on it because I know I won't have to worry about how it's going to turn out. After flipping through pictures of Megan Fox for makeup inspiration, I realized this girl has worn several different shades and has pulled off each and every one of them at that. These are the top five Megan Fox lip colors. I hope they inspire you to break out of your beauty rut!
Black liner and pink lips are an everyday staple for me. It's quick, easy, and works on every skintone. I also like this idea of using a blush that's a few shades lighter than your lipstick.

This time Megan wears a lip color that is a few shades lighter than her dress. I usually like to wear my lips lighter than my dress because I don't want it to look off but this looks great. Then again it is Megan Fox. ;)
I wasn't sure if I liked this color the first time I saw it but after awhile I warmed up to it. This is a very hard color to pull off but the layers of gloss over it can help.
This is a typical berry color but I like how she is rarely seen wearing the same color twice. (This does not mean you need a new lip color for everyday. Mix two colors together on the back of your hand for more options.)
I saved the best for last! If that uber shiny hair doesn't lure you in, the gorgeous tomato lips will. This shade is completely fabulous, as well as the shimmery gold eyes and lush lashes.

Celeb Signature: Christina's Red Lips

Nothing says glamour like red lips! Christina pulls off many different shades. Here are some of my favorites!
This color is perfect for Christina's skintone. I love the old-Hollywood vibe you get from the thick liner and lots of false lashes expertly paired with glossy cherry lips.

Matching your nails to your lips? Definitely a do!
This shade is more of a tomato shade but she keeps it classy but keeping it matte. Sometimes a bold color with gloss and a smokey eye can be overkill. Stick to lighter shades on the eye and very light blush to balance the strong lip.

Before we saw Christina match her nails to her lips, but this is even better- lipstick the same shade as your dress! It's very hard to do but it looks fantastic!Those light, flirty lashes and big barrel curls are the definition of glamour. Her rich crimson color is a beautiful addition to her sparkling gold eyes. (Ignore the fake baked tan.)

As I mentioned above, a smokey eye plus a strong lip with gloss can be too much. Here Christina drops the smokey eye and sticks to the basic dreamy lashes. The gloss on top of the color is stunning. (A light dusting of pink blush keeps her skin from looking washed out.)
Winged liner and red lips will never go out of style! Unfortunately they are some of the hardest makeup tricks to master.
I am not usually a big fan of dark lips but I've got to say, this is one of the best dark lips I have ever seen. The deep berry color plays beautifully off her rose colored cheeks.

Celeb Signature: Zooey's Hair Accessories

Hair clips remind me of my days in elementary school, but Zooey shows us how sophisticated hair accessories can work for anyone.
This cute leaf headband keeps her bun from looking too much like it was for a dance recital. The two wispy pieces hanging down complete her romantic 'do.
This hairstyle would be fabulous even without the bow. The bow has a vintage feel but the added height on her crown is modern chic.
We have seen plenty of braids on the red carpet and a cute little flower makes Zooey stand out from the rest. The trick to this is using a trendy braid and a simple flower.
Zooey's dress has a prominent decal on her shoulder so it would be overboard if she chose a large hairpiece as well. The thin headband sparkles against her rich hue but doesn't compete with her fun dress.

Celeb Signature: Nicole's Head Scarves

Nicole Richie is my fashion idol. I constantly look to her to find creative ways to wear my accessories. Nicole's signature fashion piece is a scarf and she has be known to wear them with anything. One of my favorite ways she plays around with her look is by changing up her scarves that she wears. Here are some ways Nicole wears her scarves as a headband.
First off, this hair design is my absolute favorite! Start off by taking 3/4 of your hair and putting it in a high bun. Tie your scarf around your head. Then take your bun out and tousle the layers over the scarf. Split the section of hair over your scarf in half and loop it through a half ponytail. It's quick and simple but it looks like it took you hours!
This is the classic Nicole look: skinny jeans, flats, big sunglasses, and a scarf tied around her wavy locks. I love the colors on this scarf because it turns an ordinary jeans and t-shirt into a chic ensemble. The gold bangles also add a touch of style to her outfit :)

Nicole has the whole hippie-vibe down pat. The maxi dress is a little plain to me but the rich blue hue of her scarf is so pretty! Throw on a big pair of sunglasses and some gold jewelry and you'll be looking great in no time!

Stylish at the beach?Definitely! Nicole adds flair to her basic bikini with a bold print scarf and trendy sunglasses. Here is the ultimate glamorous beach goddess! I am dying to recreate those waves that seem perfectly flowing out from her metallic scarf. With the previous bathing suit, Nicol chose a colored scarf with her neutral suit. Here she chose a neutral scarf with a colored suit. I think its a great idea to keep one thing neutral so you look like a modern hippie. :)
Again we see a t-shirt with a scarf and sunglasses, but what makes this outfit different from the rest is that the sunglasses are the center of attention and the scarf is just a fabulous accessory. (Note that the sunglasses are a neutral color but the size of them are not overpowered by the smaller scarf.)
By changing it up and wearing the scarf along her hairline, Nicole successfully makes each outfit a tad more unique than the last.