Friday, September 5, 2008

Do You Rock the Socks?

I recently bought a pair of argyle knee high socks and I thought it might be cool to get some inspiration. I love how Blair pairs her socks with a matching skirt and cute pumps on Gossip Girl, but my favorite look is definitely from SJP in the Sex in the City movie. I think her sweater with her printed dress is so cute and instead of traditional stockings, knee highs are a great alternative. They are super comfy and allow you to show off your legs while still keeping toasty. Try matching them to your skirt like Blair does or use a dark neutral color to contrast against a bright dress or coat like SJP does. The same color shirt and socks or the same color skirt and socks allows you to add a bright color contrast to make your outfit unique. I also love how SJP uses a long t-shirt with her socks to add comfort, fashion, and lots of bold color to her rockin' wordrobe.

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