Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who's the Winner?

Sorry for not posting in a while- school and holidays were so busy this year! This year I want more glitz and glamour and the night of SAG awards brought forth some beautiful pieces straight from the runway that did not dissapoint!

I love the deatil on the tulle but I think the model is the winner for wearing a necklace.

This Bill Bass dress is absolutely adorable! I love Lucy's shoes so much more but I prefer the drama of the tights on the model. Props to Lucy for matching the shoes and belt- very sophisticated.

Sorry guys-model wins again. The gold is gorgeous against the black and I feel like America's dress is too monotone. Even her shoes are the same color. The model on the otherhand has super cute heels and her tights make the gold pop even more. (Love the lip color America!)

Leave it to J.Lo to pull of this daring masterpiece! This shade of gold is fantastic against her bronze skin. Her hair and makeup really pull this whole look together as sexy yet polished glamour. The model's hair seems to messy to be paired with this fromal gown. J.Lo also rocks her curves in this dress that fits her perfectly. (Not sure if it's the lighting but I like to color on J.Lo's better as well.)

I think this dress is very original but I don't like the accessories of the model as much as the red carpet look. I love how the shoes match the dress and the clutch matches the side color of the dress. It looks put together and simple.

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