Sunday, February 1, 2009

Would You Wear This?

A huge trend over the past year has been the low headband. Would you wear this? In Mischa's case, I would not. (However, I do love her smokey eye! lol) For Nicole, I think her look is much more wearable. Plus, it looks great with her whole hippie-thing going on.

Rachel's look is more risky than the others, but I really like it. It's casual with the t-shirt but it's glamourous with the sunglasses. Unfortunately, this isn't very wearable but it looks great on her! (I think she was going to a costume party because she had written PEACE on her arm as well.)

I don't know where this would be appropriate to wear. I loove the tousled waves but I'm not sure this can look flattering on many people besides the model.

I think this is super cute! She looks like such a cool mom!

I don't get this at all. It's the size of her head and it looks like all that tulle was crumpled up. I just don't see the image she's going for.

Looove this! I love the headband, the makeup, and the waves. The key to making this look work is keeping with the hippie-vibe without going all out.

What on Earth? I love MK's style, but this is out there. Not only is the headband way to big for her small frame, it has nothing to do with her printed vintage dress. '70s headband and vintage dress might be taking the look a bit too far...

I haven't really made up my mind on this look. It looks good on her but again not really wearable for most people.

I don't like either of these looks. I don't understand how thick cloths tied over your forehead is that stylish. The key to making this look work is thin and simple with a slight hippie-vibe without going too vintage. Pretty tricky but worth the effort if you get it right!

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