Monday, July 6, 2009

Top Five Nicole Richie Sunglasses

Nicole is one of my personal fashion idols so it only makes sense for me to show you some of her trademark big sunglasses.
1. The classic Ray Bans with a slight cat eye puts a twist on an old favorite.
2. Neutral colored shirt and headband with a big pop of it! What better way to make your fabulous sunglasses the center of attention?
3. White sunglasses are an upcoming trend for this summer. Nicole, of course, tackled this trend well before most of us probably knew there was even such thing as white sunglasses! I am a huge fan of tying your accessories together and the gray scarf with the black coat works well with the white sunglasses.
4. Not only are these sunglasses absolutely divine, the girly pony and tough leather jacket are picture perfect perfection. She looks like she's a lot of fun but will put you in your place at the same time ;).
5. A typical Nicole outfit is not complete without monster sunglasses to top it all off. Matching your sunglasses to colors in your outfit or other accessories is a quick and easy way to look put together.

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