Saturday, December 19, 2009

tips from michelle

Michelle Obama has quickly risen to be a fashion icon for American women today. She continually shows us how to rework our favorite pieces. If I really like something, I try to figure out how to wear it with multiple outfits to get the most use out of it. And in this economy, what better way to be a recessionista?

Anyone who knows me would not hesitate to share that I am obsessed with leopard print! The fact that it is pink leopard print as well probably means I would wear this sweater even in my sleep. Michelle is a great example of how you can wear color at work and still be taken seriously. I never would have thought of wearing pinstripe pants with a leopard print, but as long as one pattern isn't as bold as the other it can look good.

Then Michelle was seen wearing the same sweater with a dress instead of pants. When I travel, I pack a sweater that can be worn with both my jeans or a dress so I have less to pack. Not only did she switch up her bottoms, she even changed the belt to look more appropriate with her dress. Don't forget that when you wear one item in several different outfits you may have to change the accessories each time.

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