Thursday, August 6, 2009

Celeb Signature: Scarlett's Scarlet Lips

Besides marrying the fabulous Ryan Renolds, Scarlett has me jealous for other reasons. This girl can pull off red lips like no other. I have not jumped on the lipstick bandwagon yet, but when I do, I'm bring everyone of these pictures to the store with me!
By far one of her most stunning makeup looks, Scarlett pairs her shimmery red lips with equally gorgeous gold shadow. To offset the sparkles, the rest of her face is very matte with a dusting of pink blush. Perfection!
This next color is more of an orangey-red hue. It stands out against a natural brown eye and shiny chestnut curls.
Scarlett's eye makeup is absolutely amazing, but that will be another post later. Her red lips here are once again worn with a light blush and it looks so pretty! It seems like she has a tiny bit of clear gloss on the center of her bottom lip and this is an excellent trick for making your lips seem fuller. (Not that she needs it!)
The last red lip of Scarlett's is her most classic one. Long lashes, pearl white shimmer shadow, and creamy apricot blush are beautiful additions to her glamourous Old Hollywood siren lips.

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