Thursday, August 6, 2009

Right from the Runway: Round 2

One of my favorite things to do when watching a runway show is to imagine the person that would wear it. When I see crazy, flamboyant gowns center stage, I try to imagine how someone would wear that and add a touch of their personality to it. Enjoy Round 2!
Beyonce is not only the queen of glitz and glam, she can wear it too. This Balmain dress is a sure show stopper, but should we expect anything less from her? This diva wows the crowd once again with lots of sparkles and shine! I personally am not a big fan of those earrings but the plum T-strap heels look so much better with the dress than the black and silver ones.
I love wearing a dress all year round. Lucy Lui's version is a summer essential; just add a belt and strappy sandals to the crisp white dress. The runway version looks amazing in the winter with dark sheer tights and black heels. By adding the tights to keep you warm, this dress is a staple to any girl's glamourous wardrobe.
This actual dress I don't like very much, however I like the ideas that both the model and Rihanna have given me. The Zac Posen dress on the runway has insane jewelry so the other accessories (i.e. shoes) are cute and simple. Rihanna chose bold gloves and shoes for her dress so the other accessories (i.e. jewelery, clutch) are understated as to not take away from the key proponents of her outfit.
This is one of my favorite gowns of that season. January Jones (isn't that a pretty name?) was a Greek goddess in her flowing gown with shimmery gold details. The runway dress is a little bit shorter and I think I like that better because I like her shoes so much! Lol The gold cuffs are magnificent! I am going to have to try wearing a bold bracelet on each wrist because I love this so much!

The first time I saw this dress I thought it was a little boring. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the details were incredible! The fine beading is super pretty and suites the traditional lbd well. I have been completely obsessed with Balmain's shoes ever since the first day I saw them, so the runway dress scores more points with me. However, Anne has a diamond bracelet so of course I like that too! :)

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