Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love This Look- Cowboy Boots with a Dress

I used to borrow my sister's cowboy boots because I thought they were so trendy yet unique at the same time. I always wore them with tucked in jeans to show them off, but I never tried wearing them with a dress before. This year, I plan on stealing those boots again, but this time I'll wear them with a little more originality. :)
Taylor Swift's dress is just a simple lbd that every girl has in her closet. By wearing cowboy boots instead of heels, Taylor adds a touch of country to her city girl look.

Sienna Miller has the sort of style where you either love or hate what she's wearing. This I love! She pairs a cool cotton lace dress with scuffed boots. They are much more comfortable than heels and give her a tough-yet-chic vibe.

Taylor was spotted at the airport wearing a beautiful sundress in a bright pinkish color. Keeping things simple, she matched her shoes to her bag to pull it all together. Because the boots are a neutral brown shade, she can wear them with any color dress (or jeans!).
Miley Cyrus wears her purple summer dress with detailed boots. The ruffles on the dress and the pattern on the boots are a very girly way to wear your boots.

Jessica Simpson has the best cowboy boots! They are a rich chestnut shade with cute details swirled around them. The distressed leather with the lace dress is a genius idea! I love the look of a delicate fabric with a tough leather. The sweater she's wearing can bring this look from spring and summer into fall.

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