Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celeb Signature: Christina's Red Lips

Nothing says glamour like red lips! Christina pulls off many different shades. Here are some of my favorites!
This color is perfect for Christina's skintone. I love the old-Hollywood vibe you get from the thick liner and lots of false lashes expertly paired with glossy cherry lips.

Matching your nails to your lips? Definitely a do!
This shade is more of a tomato shade but she keeps it classy but keeping it matte. Sometimes a bold color with gloss and a smokey eye can be overkill. Stick to lighter shades on the eye and very light blush to balance the strong lip.

Before we saw Christina match her nails to her lips, but this is even better- lipstick the same shade as your dress! It's very hard to do but it looks fantastic!Those light, flirty lashes and big barrel curls are the definition of glamour. Her rich crimson color is a beautiful addition to her sparkling gold eyes. (Ignore the fake baked tan.)

As I mentioned above, a smokey eye plus a strong lip with gloss can be too much. Here Christina drops the smokey eye and sticks to the basic dreamy lashes. The gloss on top of the color is stunning. (A light dusting of pink blush keeps her skin from looking washed out.)
Winged liner and red lips will never go out of style! Unfortunately they are some of the hardest makeup tricks to master.
I am not usually a big fan of dark lips but I've got to say, this is one of the best dark lips I have ever seen. The deep berry color plays beautifully off her rose colored cheeks.

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