Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celeb Signature: Zooey's Hair Accessories

Hair clips remind me of my days in elementary school, but Zooey shows us how sophisticated hair accessories can work for anyone.
This cute leaf headband keeps her bun from looking too much like it was for a dance recital. The two wispy pieces hanging down complete her romantic 'do.
This hairstyle would be fabulous even without the bow. The bow has a vintage feel but the added height on her crown is modern chic.
We have seen plenty of braids on the red carpet and a cute little flower makes Zooey stand out from the rest. The trick to this is using a trendy braid and a simple flower.
Zooey's dress has a prominent decal on her shoulder so it would be overboard if she chose a large hairpiece as well. The thin headband sparkles against her rich hue but doesn't compete with her fun dress.

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