Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Celeb Signature: Jessica's Scarves

One accessory I can never get enough of is a scarf. They can be tied many different ways so they never get boring. Plus, they add a pop of color to an ordinary outfit. I love Jessica Alba's collection of scarves because she wears them so effortlessly.
In this first picture, Jessica wear a simple t-shirt with a thick scarf. This looks cute in the summer time with a tank top but can easily be worn in the winter with a toasty coat.

This Tolani scarf is seen tied three different ways with three different outfits. My favorite way to wear a scarf is with a t-shirt and jeans like her first outfit. A trendy way to wear your cotton summer is to twist a light scarf around your neck to add some punch to your dress. The scarf also works well in colder temperatures because you can just toss it over a long sleeved shirt.
A cozy scarf is perfect for looking pulled together at the airport without sacrificing your comfort. I like wearing scarves on a plane ride because they cut the air conditioning chill but still look super fab as you walk off the plane. (And a gorgeous leather bomber doesn't hurt either.)
I usually don't wear my scarves with a printed t-shirt because I don't want to take away the print by adding a scarf on top, but Jessica solves this dilemma by keep her shirt long and her scarf short.

Pressed for time? Stick to your classic t-shirt and jeans and throw on a loose sweater as you walk out the door. Loop a bright colored scarf around your neck and you're good to go!
The design on Jessica's scrf here is absolutely beautiful! I love the rich colors and intricate floral details. The stripes on the end are a funky way to keep this scarf from looking too stuffy. She expertly layers her scarf over a plain shirt so it does not distract the eye from the scarf. (How cute is her daughter in her teeny scarf?)
One of my favorite color combos is blue and brown. Here Jessica shows how a neutral color can be an excellent base for bold blue. This scarf is much thicker so I would only wear this one in the winter. You can wrap it over your coat for some added style and then wear it with your sweater underneath as well.
Pink scarves are my fortay! I wear them with every color and continually buy them in every shade. Jessica wears hers with a neutral gray and white ensemble to keep the scarf the focal point.

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