Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Runway Makup: Gucci Spring 2009

The makeup from Gucci's Spring 2009 collection is beyond fabulous! The colors remind me of a mermaid, and who doesn't want to be a mermaid? :) As you can see, the colors work for every skintone and hair color. This would be a perfect look with a summery dress and super cute wedges. For a more formal look, the models have worn voluminous hair with curled ends. However, I would love to wear these colors with braids to play off of the mermaid theme.
On this model here, the black eyeliner is smudged into a tiny bit of gray shadow in the corner to give the colors more depth. She also wears more of the light frosty green shade as a highlight under her brown bone than the other models do, but I think I like it the best!
The liner on this model is very thick but it doesn't look smudged as much. I think it looka awesome but don't wear the bright shadow, thick liner, and crazy lashes all at the same time if you aren't on the runway.
I am in love with her creamy eyeliner! It's so dark and rich I would wear it everyday! Compared to the first picture, this model has the teal shade extending farther beyond her outer corner and I really like it dramatic flair it adds.

The model below on the left has the best smudged liner out of all of these girls. It gets lighter and lighter until it hits the corner of her eye, where there seems to be some subtle light blue to make her eyes look brighter. The model on the right has bluer shades than the other girls but it looks like there is a metallic sheen to it. I would assume that there is a silvery color used as a base for the blues to go on top of.
This Gucci makeup is unlike so many other bold eyeshadows seen on the runway because it incorporates both blues and greens and melds them together to make a pretty sheen of aqua colors. The liner is not only smudged but also winged out a bit too. And instead of the typical nude lips and bronzed face, these models embrace peachy nude lips and very natural blush.
Even though this turquoise color is extremely vibrant, the gray shadows underneath and layers of mascara put a classic twist on old favorites.

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