Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celeb Signature: Nicole's Head Scarves

Nicole Richie is my fashion idol. I constantly look to her to find creative ways to wear my accessories. Nicole's signature fashion piece is a scarf and she has be known to wear them with anything. One of my favorite ways she plays around with her look is by changing up her scarves that she wears. Here are some ways Nicole wears her scarves as a headband.
First off, this hair design is my absolute favorite! Start off by taking 3/4 of your hair and putting it in a high bun. Tie your scarf around your head. Then take your bun out and tousle the layers over the scarf. Split the section of hair over your scarf in half and loop it through a half ponytail. It's quick and simple but it looks like it took you hours!
This is the classic Nicole look: skinny jeans, flats, big sunglasses, and a scarf tied around her wavy locks. I love the colors on this scarf because it turns an ordinary jeans and t-shirt into a chic ensemble. The gold bangles also add a touch of style to her outfit :)

Nicole has the whole hippie-vibe down pat. The maxi dress is a little plain to me but the rich blue hue of her scarf is so pretty! Throw on a big pair of sunglasses and some gold jewelry and you'll be looking great in no time!

Stylish at the beach?Definitely! Nicole adds flair to her basic bikini with a bold print scarf and trendy sunglasses. Here is the ultimate glamorous beach goddess! I am dying to recreate those waves that seem perfectly flowing out from her metallic scarf. With the previous bathing suit, Nicol chose a colored scarf with her neutral suit. Here she chose a neutral scarf with a colored suit. I think its a great idea to keep one thing neutral so you look like a modern hippie. :)
Again we see a t-shirt with a scarf and sunglasses, but what makes this outfit different from the rest is that the sunglasses are the center of attention and the scarf is just a fabulous accessory. (Note that the sunglasses are a neutral color but the size of them are not overpowered by the smaller scarf.)
By changing it up and wearing the scarf along her hairline, Nicole successfully makes each outfit a tad more unique than the last.

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