Monday, July 20, 2009

Would You Dare to Wear...??

First up is Amy Adams's leaf earrings and I love them! I will always be obsessed with large costume jewelry, but real diamonds are even better! The emerald green plays off her auburn locks beautifully and the diamonds dripping down her neck are to die for.

Nicole Kidman is one classy lady and a classy lady knows no such thing as too many diamonds. I think she did a wonderful job pairing these insane jewels with a very simple gown.

A crisp white dress is not finished without some bright colored jewels. This turquoise color pops against her olive skintone and emphasizes her chestnut strands.
I am known for wearing humongous earrings...but just one?? I think it would look better if the one earring was cut in half and shared with her other ear. ;) Props to Jordin for rocking big bling fearlessly!

Rhianna's metallic earrings are fabulous with her studded leather jacket! (I so want those bangs!!)
I think Kim's necklace is creative and totally trendy. I like how she's wearing a lot of jewelery with her suit too so it doesn't seem stiff.

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