Monday, July 20, 2009

No More Boring Braids!!

One of the easiest ways to quickly style your hair is to jump out of the shower and braid your hair. No heat or laborious styling required. After your hair dries, you will have pretty cascades of waves. I love braids because they are so simple to do but lately I've been bored with the same old braids I've been sporting for seemingly forever. Here are some fun braids I have found on celebs that guarantee you will not have any more boring braids!
Hot summer days demand that your hair be off your back! These cute braids will keep you cool.

I have yet to try these braids but it looks so easy that I can't believe I haven't worn them before!

I used to wear a headband with braided pigtails in middle school but a thin headband with a small top braid is much more grown up.

This hairstyle would look fantastic with a fancy dress and glitzy earrings. (And this makeup is gorgeous!!)

This is the best milkmaid braid I have ever seen! I think the face framing tendrils make it modern. I couldn't have a braid post without one of LC's famous itty bitty braids. :)

Enjoy experimenting!! :D

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