Saturday, July 18, 2009

Which Hair Is Her Best?

1. I prefer Ashlee with red hair, but these bangs are super cute! They look fun and carefree while also being
2. These are my favorite bangs that Ashlee has ever had. They are a little spunky and a little sexy. I love them!

3. These are my second favorite bangs that Ashlee has tried. The best part I believe is that the bangs fall into the layers of her angles. The color is beyond gorgeous and the wispy ends complete this flirty look.

4. These bangs are a great way to ease into a new haircut and look great on virtually any face shape.
5. These bangs seem sort of off to me. I would like it if the two side pieces were a tiny bit longer or if the middle piece was a tiny bit shorter but this looks strange to me.

6. Ashlee took a huge risk with these bangs and I think it works for the most part. I would not be able to handle always having my bangs in my face like that though.

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