Friday, July 17, 2009

Top Five Runway Bags

Chloe- I love the unique shape of this bag. I'm usually not a a big fan of brown bags, but this creamy leather looks like a dream.

Prada- I thought the idea of a bag completely covered in lace was pretty clever. It looks so elegant, yet the leather straps are durable enough for casual wear.

Dior- This candy colored gem has the lustworthy Dior pattern with a trendy keychain attached. It reminds me of a very classic, old-fashioned bag with a bold new color.

Armani- I am so in love with this bag!! I am obsessed with animal prints and this glittery clutch grabs my heart. It is absolutely perfect with a lbd or any sprakly evening gown.
Alexander McQueen- The structure of this bag is super creative. The many different textures make this bag worth every cent!

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